Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 69

Perpetual Fall

It does seem a bit strange to be walking around in Dec and it be 9C. I wish I could praise this moderate temperature but really the only benefit I can seem to come up with is not needing to own a proper winter jacket or gloves. Then when on the odd occasion *gasp* snow does arrive everyone gets really cold because they only have a fall coat.
Day 68


The clock in gastown in powered by steam, how exactly that works I do not know.

Day 67

West Dyke Trail

The western dyke trail run along the western edge of Richmond. It was the sight of many bush parties during my teen years. Now I go to look at bi
Day 66

Night Sky

The city skyline as seen from Stanly Park.
Day 65

Gulf of Georgia

Boats lined along the back of the old cannery.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 64

Film Lives

I took part in the Vancouver 12x12 Photo Marathon. 12th month, 12th day, 12 themes(one theme per hour, shot in order), 12 hours, 12 exposures on one roll of film.

It was a long day, I earned every blister on each foot, and there was chafing...serious chafing.

With a day to reflect it was a great experience and I look forward to another chance at taking part in something like this with me new found knowledge.
Day 63

Sort of a Self Portrait

Wonder the alleys downtown at night.
Day 62

Pop Culture

"Great nations have always acted like gangsters, and small nations like prostitutes." Stanley Kubrick

Day 61


In the distance of 4343.62 km's the world turns from lush and tropical to pastel, drained of colour and cold. My body definitely was not designed for a hot environment, must be the Icelandic roots, but a few more days in the sun sure would be nice.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 60

The Duke

The grandfather of surf Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku ( yeah say that fast three times) greats all who enter Waikiki beach with open arms.
Day 59

Surfs Up

The Northshore and sunset beach got 40 year waves while I was on the island. Up to 40ft at times.
Day 58

Waimea Valley

The botanical gardens on the North Shore were fantastic. I debated between posting this shot the tree canopies, or the falls that were at the end of the valley. The tree's won by sheer size. Each of these canopies must be about 2 city block wide.
Day 57


Waikiki Beach, you can't go wrong.
Day 56

Hanauma Bay

Someone should have reminded me that cycling 50km in a tropical environment may not be the best idea when you haven't touched a bike in months. It was killer, but the reward was some fantastic snorkeling at hanauma bay

Day 55

I think...

I did a poop. The next frame of which I will not share is of the poop taking a second run at being lunch. Tasty.
Day 54


Who is going to turn down a free trip to Hawaii? not I.
Oahu was the scene, Diamond Head provided the backdrop, body surfing the sport

Day 53

Red Ball

Garry Point has anew sculpture.
Day 52

Stanley Park Totem

Probably one of the most photographed locations in all of the city, these totem poles were bound to make it into the project.
Day 51

Sandhill Cranes

I was hoping to spot bald eagles, but these three sandhill cranes had to do. Watching them move it isn't too difficult to see the connection between these birds and dinosaurs.
Day 50

Harry Jerome

Harry was a track and Field athlete who held 7 different world records through out his career.
Day 49

House Boats

They stick out like sore thumbs in Coal Harbour amongst the million dollar yachts, yet these three house boats always catch my eye for their interesting colours and designs.